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4 Mental Blocks Preventing You From Landing Your Dream Coding Job

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Landing a career in coding can be both exciting and scary. The field is rapidly growing and evolving, so there is huge opportunity but you must be on your A-game to be successful. There are countless coding jobs available — which is great — but searching for a job can be a full-time job in…

How to Make a Twitter Bot in 10 Minutes

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  If you have the necessary Python coding skills, you can easily make a Twitter bot in just 10 minutes. A bot lets you easily interact on Twitter without wasting valuable time that could be spent on other activities. Twitter bots are particularly useful for companies or entrepreneurs who want to build up a presence…

Bootstrap: Creating Menus, Navbars, and Modals

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Practically anyone who has an interest in website design should take the time to learn Bootstrap. Next to a jQuery certificate of completion, it’s one of the most important proficiencies a developer can possess. Coding is at its core all about finding the most elegant and efficient method for achieving your goals, and the Bootstrap…

Why I’m Learning Python in 2019

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For many web developers, software engineers and research assistants alike, Python is an irreplaceable part of the job. There are many reasons why Python has become so popular in recent years, but one factor seems to outweigh all of the others in determining Python’s growth. It is the language of choice for a huge number…

Follow Along: Modify this Article with Inspect Element

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Have you ever been on a website and accidentally clicked or pressed the wrong thing and had a big, code-filled box pop up on your screen? Well then, you might have unexpectedly come across the Inspect Element tool in your browser. If you’ve never seen this before, it can seem a bit scary or overwhelming…

Web Developer’s Guide: GitHub Pull Request Tutorial

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A pull request in GitHub is the process that lets you tell others about changes you pushed on a GitHub repository. You submit a pull request, and then other people who are interested can review your changes. This gives them the chance to discuss any potential changes to the request and lets them push follow-up…

The 9 Most In-Demand Programming Languages of 2019

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Coding is a valuable skill needed to develop apps, programs and websites. Engineers and data scientists use code to create the programs that compile and analyze massive data sets and product developers use it to create all the interconnected devices we use on a daily basis.   Some programming languages, like Java and SQL, have…

Ask a Data Scientist: What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning has become a popular term over the past few years. The term is often misused to invoke the idea that robots are taking over the free world but machine learning is nothing like that. Machine learning is about exciting new developments and the ability to push industries farther ahead than you could have ever imagined. It’s…

7 Data Analytics Books You Should Read in 2019

There’s never been a better time to learn data analytics and enter the growing field. The job landscape is expanding, with a wide range of opportunities in a variety of industries. When preparing for a career in data analytics, the volume of information to master can be very overwhelming. It’s always best to do some…

El bootcamp del Tec lo lleva a un nuevo carril profesional

Carlos Martínez García

La vida profesional de Carlos Martínez García tiene un antes y un después de su paso por el Coding Bootcamp del Tec de Monterrey. Este empresario y estudiante de administración de empresas, de 28 años, pasó de estar al frente de su propia compañía a sentarse ante una computadora para cultivar su nueva pasión: la…

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