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5 High-Paying Careers That Require Data Analysis Skills

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Today’s world revolves around data. Every time we use our smartphone or log into our computer, we leave a data trail behind us. How do we make sense of all that data? Through careful data analysis. By inspecting, transforming and modeling that data, data analysts are able to discover useful information that uncovers trends, improves…

Bootstrap: Creating Menus, Navbars, and Modals

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Practically anyone who has an interest in website design should take the time to learn Bootstrap. Next to a jQuery certificate of completion, it’s one of the most important proficiencies a developer can possess. Coding is at its core all about finding the most elegant and efficient method for achieving your goals, and the Bootstrap…

Why I’m Learning Python in 2019

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For many web developers, software engineers and research assistants alike, Python is an irreplaceable part of the job. There are many reasons why Python has become so popular in recent years, but one factor seems to outweigh all of the others in determining Python’s growth. It is the language of choice for a huge number…