The 9 Most In-Demand Programming Languages of 2019

Coding is a valuable skill needed to develop apps, programs and websites. Engineers and data scientists use code to create the programs that compile and analyze massive data sets and product developers use it to create all the interconnected devices we use on a daily basis.


Some programming languages, like Java and SQL, have been around for well over twenty years. Budding programmers start there, and after they learn SQL and Java, go onto obtain a Java or SQL certificate. Other programming languages are only a few years old, and some are actually still being developed today.


But whether they are old or new, there are nine codes that made it to 2019’s list of the most in-demand programming languages.


1) C++


Bjarne Stroustrup from Bell Labs introduced C++ in 1983, and the language has remained popular over the years. C++ is an extension of the C language and is often implemented for application software, client-server applications, drivers and embedded firmware.


Some of the many applications written using C++ since its inception include applications for Adobe and Microsoft, MongoDB databases and Mac OS/X. The language is also useful for performance-based applications that include game development and audio/visual processing.


2) C#


C# was introduced in 2000 and was created by Microsoft for a number of their applications that function on the .NET Framework. The language is also commonly preferred for game development, as it closely resembles Java. Anyone familiar with the latter has no difficulty learning and using C#. The language is another example of an upgrade from C. Many consider C# as modern, simple, object-oriented and type safe.


3) Java


Although Java has diminished in popularity since its introduction two decades ago, the language continues to be used by millions of developers. The versatility of the language enables it to be used in a variety of platforms, as it is readable and simple. The language has been used in billions of devices and gadgets around the globe. Android apps are created using Java and approximately 90 percent of the Fortune 500 companies use the language for back-end development.


Upgrades include the Enterprise Edition 8 and Java 9, which were introduced in the fall of 2017. Amazon, LinkedIn and Netflix all use Java to power their sites. Computer science students often learn SQL and Java because getting a Java or SQL certificate is such a strong foot in the door for employment opportunities.


4) JavaScript


JavaScript is considered by many to be the grandparent of programming languages. Yet, it remains popular today. The language is used by more than 80 percent of developers and approximately 95 percent of websites when dynamic logic is needed. The language enables developers to create interactive elements to sites. Games, pop-up messages and other special effects are all created using JavaScript.


Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari are some of the common applications that rely on the language to function. In more recent years, the Node.js server possesses communication in real-time thanks to JavaScript. AngularJS and React are front-end frameworks used in combination with JavaScript in mobile devices and have a future in other IoT applications.


5) PHP


The Hypertext Preprocessor referred to as PHP, was created by a Danish-Canadian programmer known as Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994. Lerdorf created it to manage his personal home page, which is how the language got its name. However, the language’s usefulness soon made its way into other applications. The scripting language is popular for creating web pages written in HTML. PHP is fairly easy to learn and use, which is why new programmers often use it, but PHP also has a number of features that appeal to more experienced programmers.


For example, developers often prefer PHP when creating websites to increase functionality that cannot be accomplished using HTML. The language is open-sourced, which enables novice and experienced developers alike to obtain pre-constructed modules and modify them to suit their needs. Facebook and WordPress are two of the many sites that were built using PHP language.


6) Perl


The Perl programming language was designed exclusively for editing text. However, the language’s usefulness soon had developers implementing Perl for Linux administration, network programming and web development. Perl 5 and Perl 6 are the latest upgrades that continue making the language popular today.


7) Python


Python is another programming language that has been around for a while. It was named after the British “Monty Python” TV show. Thus, it was designed to be fun and easy to learn, read and use. Many believe the code closely resembles the English Language. Python is also the most common language taught as part of introductory programming classes in U.S. schools teaching computer science.


The language is so versatile that it remains ideal for novice and seasoned developers alike. It can be used for everything from data analysis and website development to data mining, scientific computing, AI and machine learning. Applications created using Python include Instagram and Pinterest. NASA, PBS and Reddit also use Python on their websites.


8) R


The language known simply as R is slowly growing in popularity among international and U.S. developers. It is widely used for analyzing large data sets.


9) SQL


The structured query language is also known as Sequel or simply SQL. The language is another that has a number of uses, which contributes to its ongoing popularity. Variations of the platform include MySQL and PostgreSQL. The language is used for manipulating, storing and retrieving data. When combined with PL/SQL, the tool offers other functions.


DropBox, Google and Skype all make use of SQL platforms, and the applications on smartphones commonly include an SQL database that is known as SQLite. Learn SQL and obtain an SQL certificate and you might be able to gain a position as a tech developing software commonly used in banks, hospitals, universities or other businesses.


The technology is used in virtually every computer and many different types of technology. As SQL remains the most popular, programmers able to use the language are in high demand, and budding developers would be wise to learn SQL and obtain an SQL certificate before launching on their career path.

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