Why I’m Learning Python in 2019

For many web developers, software engineers and research assistants alike, Python is an irreplaceable part of the job. There are many reasons why Python has become so popular in recent years, but one factor seems to outweigh all of the others in determining Python’s growth. It is the language of choice for a huge number of data science programs, and Python’s popularity in that field is still growing.

In fact, getting a Python certificate of completion is a terrific investment if you want to learn to code for economic reasons. Data science is one of the fastest growing fields in the tech sector and that trend is not likely to change. People and companies are creating more data than they know what todo with, and they’re creating it more quickly every day.

Businesses are learning to use that data to drive their decisions and those that use data effectively are starting to gain a huge advantage over those that do not. Having employees that understand Python is a critical part of that process.

Combine that with the fact that Python is one of the most popular programming languages for people who are just starting to learn to code, and it’s easy to see why so many invest in a Python certificate of completion.

Want to Learn to Code? Python is an Easy Choice, Literally.

Python is among the most recommended languages for new programmers. You can use Python to experiment with easy programs and see quick results. Python also works without compilers, which simplifies testing, and Python’s basic mechanics encourage good coding practices. The mechanics are also fairly simple, which makes it easy to learn the basics of Python without getting discouraged.

Python is particularly easy to pick up, and another reason for that is Python Libraries. These are essentially sets of code that programmers can use and reuse to help standardize procedures and avoid the inconvenience of having to reinvent the wheel and write new code each time they want to perform a common task.

The Python libraries offer two big advantages to programmers. They make it much easier to learn to code in Python than in other languages because the libraries provide plenty of examples. New programmers can even rely on them to do some of their work for them, which can make it much easier to learn to deal with complicated systems.

This also make Python a very efficient language because you can use Python’s libraries to lighten your workload. Other programming languages do have some libraries of their own, but Python stands out for the sheer number and variety of libraries that people maintain for the language.

Python is Becoming a Common Professional Skill.

There are a lot of people who need to learn the basics of programming to get their jobs done even if they are never going to specialize in it. For example, marketers can often make better use of marketing programs if they understand the basics of how they work. Managers who handle teams of programmers also benefit from understanding what those workers do because it helps them to set realistic expectations.

For workers in these positions, Python is an ideal choice because it is already so popular. If you are learning to program in order to understand what other workers are doing, you generally want to know the same language that they use — and that often means learning Python. Many workers will be familiar with Python even if it is not their main working language, so it can still help with communications with coders that prefer other tools.

In fact, it’s for that very reason that employees in these roles often go on to earn a Python certificate of completion to make sure that they fully understand the principles of working within such a common programming language.

Python is Versatile

You can use Python for data science, web design, producing games, and almost anything else. If you can code it, somebody has probably used Python for it. For that reason, Python is useful for people who want to learn to code but don’t have a specific field in mind. After all, it is a versatile enough language to be useful in any field that you end up choosing.

Similarly, a Python certificate of completion will be useful if you’re starting out in programming because it can open doors in a variety of fields. Even people that end up learning other languages in the long run can still rely on Python to get their foot in the door with new fields.

The Python Community Provides Support

Python’s community is a huge asset for novices. If you’re using Python and need help, you can probably find that help on a dedicated Python forum or even a general programming community. The sheer number of people with Python experience means that you can probably find someone who has had your question before. Most of them are happy to help Python novices to learn, so getting help with Python is easy.

Many Python communities form around specific projects that use Python. Contributing to those projects can help you practice with Python and build a portfolio. There is no better way to get good at using Python than to practice with it, so those projects are a great learning tool.

Python Grows With Your Skills

In the end, Python is a good choice for new programmers because it helps at every stage of your career. New coders can learn Python quickly, but Python still has exceptional value for experienced professionals. Programmers use Python in many established fields, while data scientists depend on Python for emerging processes. Python can even help to prepare you to learn other skills and languages down the line. Taken together, those factors make Python a great choice if you’re looking to learn a programming language.

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